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Kolors Healthcare : Kolors the pioneer in Slimming Industry brings you a perfect Diet Food with a blend of taste and nutrition. Emerging into a classic range of food products, Kolors helps you to kick start your day with Health, Fitness & Nutrition. Kolors has launched its highly nutritive healthy food products which not only help people manage their weight but also give a complete health make over.

Food Products

Kolors takes pride in announcing the launch of Healthy Diet Food with an endeavor to lose Weight. Kolors Healthcare is into Slimming Services for 15 years and our treatments encompass Physiotherapy & Physical activity in combination with Kolors Healthy Diet Food for holistic Weight loss. Eat Healthy & Stay fit always

Punjabi Dal Chawal

Delicious dal chawal ready in jiffy

Fantastic mouth watering Punjabi cuisine with distinct taste only for you.

Rajma Chawal

Soft & Sumptuous Rajma Chawal anytime

Protein rich Rajma Chawal gives Satiety and helps to overcome binging

Vegetable Biryani

Grab the Rich Spicy Veg Biryani

Healthy Indian meal filled with rich tasty vegetables

Bisibela Bhath

Quick & Wholesome Rice with Vegetables

Relish an all-in-one meal with vitamins, minerals and proteins

Sindhi Khadi Chawal

Tempting Taste You can’t resist!

A tasty combo of iron and proteins for healthy weight loss and glowing skin

Vegetable Dalia

Meal in Minutes with Tasty Veggies

Healthy Indian meal filled with rich tasty vegetables

Jowar Porridge

Feel full with Instant Jowar Porridge tossed with Tangy Taste!

The goodness of whole grain fibre improves digestion and gives satiety.

Jowar Diet Biscuits

Get over Evening Hunger with Jowar Diet Biscuits

A fibre rich healthy snacker that saves you from unwanted calories

Soya Kichidi Mix

Protein Rich Classic Cuisine of Taste & Health for pure vegetarians

Lip-smacking, low fat,high protein kichidi with the goodness of soya to relish.

Oats Upma MIX

Savor Quick & Healthy Fibre rich Oats Upma

Incredibly nutritious whole oats rich in anti-oxidants help you to lose weight gradually

Ragi Biscuits

Calcium rich biscuits for fun filled evenings

Calcium rich biscuits to improve bone density.

Multi Grain Khakra

All time whole grain crispy and tasty khakras

A combination of multi grains with a tasty twist of greens.

Ragi Cool

Chill out with natural Ragi Cool

Quench your thirst with refreshing calcium rich Ragi-Cool

Tomato Millet Soup

The Energy booster wrapped with Millets!

The tasty gluten free soup to keep you full and active

Roasted Wheat Flakes

Hearty Start with Roasted Flakes

Enjoy the power packed spicy high fibre roasted flakes

Whole Wheat Atta

High protein,Fibre rich fortified Atta only for you

Fibre rich Whole wheat Atta to eliminate toxins and improve metabolism

Jowar Pops

Savor the taste of Quick & Healthy Jowar Pepper Pops

Deliciously spiced up with the richness of fibre to overcome hunger pangs

Idlis + Curry Leaf Powder

Fuel up your day with traditional mouth watering Idli’s

Easy to digest-energy booster drizzled with the taste of curry leaf powder…

  Clients with medical concerns can also use these food products.
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