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Kolors Healthcare : Kolors the pioneer in Slimming Industry brings you a perfect Diet Food with a blend of taste and nutrition. Emerging into a classic range of food products, Kolors helps you to kick start your day with Health, Fitness & Nutrition. Kolors has launched its highly nutritive healthy food products which not only help people manage their weight but also give a complete health make over.

Food Products

Kolors takes pride in announcing the launch of Healthy Diet Food with an endeavor to lose Weight. Kolors Healthcare is into Slimming Services for 15 years and our treatments encompass Physiotherapy & Physical activity in combination with Kolors Healthy Diet Food for holistic Weight loss. Eat Healthy & Stay fit always

Jeera Khakra

A Low Calorie Crunchy Khakra for All

Masala Khakra

Snack on Spicy, Crispy Masala Khakra

Methi Khakra

Mouth Melting Methi Khakra For All

Pav Bhaji Khakra

Power Packed Pav Bhaji Khakra For You

Punjabi Khakra

Delicious Tasty, Crunchy Punjabi Khakra

Ragi Crisps

Savor the Tasty Calcium Rich Ragi Crisps

Jowar Crisps(Masala)

Relish The taste of Quick & Healthy Masala Jowar Crisps

Jowar Crisps(Tomato)

Savor The Taste Of Tangy Tomato Jowar Crisps

Jowar Diet Biscuits

Get Over Evening Hunger With Jowar Diet Biscuits

Tomato Dalia with Lentils

Tangy, Tasty Meal in minutes.

Tomato Jowar with Lentils

Delicious Fibre Rich Meal To Relish.

Ravva Khichidi

Irresistible Wholesome Rich Khichidi For All.

  Clients with medical concerns can also use these food products.
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