• Vegetable Biryani /Vegetable Dahlia/Soya Khichidi /Jowar Porridge– Cooking time should be 12-minutes with extra amount of water to be added.
  • Non- Vegetarians {Chicken, Fish, Egg Whites (2)} – Can consume weekly twice in the form of Tandoori, Baked, Roasted, Grilled in the Breakfast and Lunch. (Avoid in Dinner)
  • Daily Menu Plans can be exchanged according to the individual preferences.
  • Skimmed Milk & Kolors Honey to be used in Green Tea & Kolors Muesli.
  • Brisk Walking for minimum 30-45 minutes per day is mandatory.
  • Half-n-hour gap to be maintained in between consumption of Tea and other food items.
  • Fresh seasonal fruits and citrus fruits to be consumed daily.
  • Pepper and lime can be added as seasonings to enhance the taste.
  • A Major Meal (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) should always be started with Hot Water, Vegetable Salad &then the main course.
  • A sound sleep of minimum 7 to 9 hours per day is recommended to stay healthy.

Sip & Detox

  • Methi Seeds - Open the pack & mix the contents in a glass of water (250 ml) and soak overnight, strain & consume next day.
  • Coriander Seeds & Jeera Seeds - Open the pack & mix the contents in a glass of water (250 ml) and boil, then strain and consume next day.
  • Basil Seeds - Open the pack & mix the contents in a glass of water (250 ml) leave for 8-10 minutes and consume.
  • Barley Seeds- Open the pack & mix the contents in a glass of water (250 ml) and boil till cooked & after cooling consume.
  • Cinnamon - Open the pack & mix the contents in a glass of water (250 ml) and boil & after cooling strain & consume.
  • Flax Seeds - Open the pack and chew thoroughly on empty stomach.



Kolors diet is a Nutritious balanced diet which has all the essential nutrients required by an individual to perform daily activities. It helps in reducing excess weight and to maintain a fit and healthy life. Health conscious people also can follow Kolors Diet irrespective of weight maintenance
Kolors diet is a ‘ready to eat’ diet plan which is a boon for people who have busy work schedules and suffer from obesity and related medical disorders.
Kolors diet plans are specially customized according to individual requirements and are approved by FSSAI .When followed correctly they help in maintaining the metabolic rate and also help in reducing weight. But if one stops or skips the same, the metabolism gets altered. Thus, if you want to stop the diet, you must stop gradually. If the diet is stopped abruptly, you can still compensate the same in the next meal. For any medical emergencies or unavoidable circumstances you can stop and restart accordingly. For further clarification consult your Doctor/Dietician.
NO... Dinner cannot be interchanged. A detailed research, by our diet bay was formulated to know the calorie intake for each meal according to a prescribed time slot. Hence the calories and nutritional values vary with each meal. However, if you still want to, you can interchange breakfast and lunch but not dinner. If due to any reason you have to exchange with dinner, try to take early dinner and at bed time you can have a fruit and preferably skimmed milk.
Yes, seasoning (adding pepper & lime) is suggested. All non-medical clients can add salt but the weight loss varies in such cases.
Yes, maintaining regular eating timings is very important because, when there is lengthy time gap between one meal and the other, it disturbs the BMR and directly leads to weight gain.
Timings: On – rising fluids – 6 am – 8am, Breakfast - 9 am – 10 am, Mid-morning - 11 am – 11.30 am, Lunch – 1pm – 2pm Mid-Evening – 4 pm – 5 pm, Dinner - 7 pm – 8 pm and Milk at bed time.
The on-rising fluids are supposed to be consumed early morning immediately after you wake up on empty stomach. The instructions for preparations are mentioned on the box. If you do not like or feel uncomfortable with the taste of any of the above, please avoid taking them
Absolutely not! Kolors food products are completely safe without any side effects as they are approved by FSSAI.
You can buy Kolors food products available online. To order Food products online, please logon to For free home delivery, do call us on - 7799022222. Products are also available in all the Kolors branches.
Fruits and salads are rich in vitamins and minerals, and they are known as PROTECTIVE FOODS which help in gaining immunity. Therefore, adding them to your daily Diet helps you to fight against various diseases.
Light Dinners are said to be always Healthy, as post dinner activity is very minimal. However, you can eat one fruit or a glass of Golden Milk (which is a pinch of Haldi powder added to skimmed milk) to feel full and get sound sleep.
Yes, you can add egg whites (2) / 1 whole egg burji, chicken, fish in the form of boiled / roasted / grilled/ tandoori with pepper & lemon juice squeezed on it to enrich the taste and improve the satiety.
You can add honey / Stevia available in our branches (sugar or artificial sweetness should be strictly avoided)
Kolors Food products combined with Kolors Slimming treatment, go hand in hand for best Weight loss ; A thorough research has been done on these products and implemented along with Kolors treatment for selected clientele which helped in successfully losing 50Kgs weight in ‘Fat to Fit CHALLENGE'
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Exercising or walking along with consumption of diet food products will enhance your weight loss in general. But exercising is mandatory (30-45 min/day) for a healthy life irrespective of weight loss or weight gain.
Skimmed milk is always recommended; else 1 glass of whole milk with equal amount of water mixed can be taken by removing the scum. Kolors healthcare will soon add KOLORS skimmed milk to the list of Food Products.
Skimmed Milk Curd or Curd made with whole Milk, mixed with equal amount of water after removing the scum can be used
Yes you can party & still lose Weight. However it is important that you compensate the next meal with an extra physical activity to burn the extra calories consumed.
Tips to follow before party:
  • Eating a fruit or a small healthy snack at home before attending the party will help you overcome extra cravings.
  • Consume starters like Soups/Salads first and then have the main course.
The right time to check your weight is early morning on empty stomach with the same clothes, and the same weighing scale for accurate recordings.
Yes, you can fast & follow all your Religious Rituals, provided you take fruits and liquids (Eg: Milk / Butter Milk / Coconut water / Lime Water etc) at frequent intervals.
No...We don’t recommend pickles; however, you can have freshly ground chutneys like Mint Chutney, Tomato Chutney etc. can have unlimited leafy vegetables (rich in minerals) on a daily basis by following the healthy cooking methods (Consult Dietician for more info on the same)
People who are Obese can consume the fruits mentioned below:
Unlimited limited Avoid
Apple,orange, sweet-lime, guava, Papaya, plums, Pears,Pomegranate, Watermelon, kiwi, Berries, a handful/one fist of Dry fruits roasted without oil-(Almonds, walnuts, figs) Mango, Grapes, Musk -melons, Seasonal fruits. Banana, Sapota, custard-apple, Bakery stuff, Aerated Drinks, Pickles, Burgers, Pizzas and Fast Foods.
Yes you can eat whole wheat Atta bread/ brown bread (any brand) with salad or Green chutneys.
Olive oil (5ml) / Rice bran oil (5ml) / pure Ghee (5g) (5ml-1 teaspoon)
Avoiding Alcohol is always the best option because it has no nutrients but only empty calories. So alcohol consumption should be strictly avoided or at-least controlled to a minimum consumption of 2-pegs per day, with veg-salad / khakra as a snack. Instead of soda you can add water
If you don’t feel full with our diet plan, you can always include recommended Fruits / Salads in your meal.

  • Kolors Food Products are safe and healthy to use and are approved by FSSAI
  • Results vary from person to person.
  • Kolors is not responsible for any negative health results when Kolors Food products are consumed along with other Food items.
  • For queries related to food product, you can consult the Physician / Dietician – Kolors Team.
For any further clarification, feel free to call us on 7799022222 you may also logon to for more information. T&C Apply

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